Brilliant Influence

Brilliant InfluenceBrilliant Influence
What the most influential people know, do and say.

Why do some people you know always seem to get what they want, while you have to follow along?

If you want to get more of what you want, win more arguments and have people keep the promises they make to you, you need to understand the science of influence.

Everyone could do it; some people do it; why should you miss out?  Learn how to make things happen in your life.

“If you want more influence; achieve more and ultimately succeed,
you will find a way to secure such results within this book.
Someone once said ‘whatever business you’re in; you’re always marketing’.
I’d add to that now with ‘whatever outcome you’re after, you’ll need Brilliant Influencing.’
Perry Timms, Head of Talent & Organisational Development, Big Lottery Fund

Brilliant Influence is the book by author and speaker, Dr Mike Clayton.  It was published in November 2010 by Prentice Hall.  Get your copy of Brilliant Influence from Amazon.

Brilliant Influence is to be translated into Chinese (simplified), Arabic and Polish.

Contents of Brilliant Influence

About the Author
Author Acknowledgements

Part 1: Fundamentals

Chapter 1: Use your common sense: the basics of influence
Chapter 2: Appearance matters: how to look influential
Chapter 3: Decisions: how we make them and how we influence them
Chapter 4: Understand the psychology of influence

Part 2: Your message

Chapter 5: The importance of what you say
Chapter 6: The power of how you say it

Part 3: Strategies

Chapter 7: Focus on the question: “what’s in it for me?”
Chapter 8: How to negotiate to share benefits
Chapter 9: How to network to help people help you
Chapter 10: The six top influencing techniques

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“Mike presents an excellent summary of how to influence with integrity;
he skilfully raises the reader’s awareness and provides pragmatic,
easy to follow steps to
achieving brilliant influence.”
Julian Badcock, Partner, Inpoint (An Aon Company)

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Brilliant Influence is published by Pearson Education as part of their best selling Brilliant Series.  Mike is also author of three other Brilliant books, Brilliant Time Management, published in December 2010, Brilliant Stress Management, published in August 2011 and Brilliant Project Leader, which was published in November 2011.

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