Gerald ClaytonThis book is dedicated to my father, Gerald Clayton.  He would have been proud to read it but sadly died just as the first draft was finished, and never had the chance.

Re-reading the material on integrity, optimism and resilience, I realised how much I learned from him, and how much I will miss him.  Read one of my tribute articles here.


I would like to acknowledge the astonishing support I have had from my wife, Felicity, throughout the writing process.  I never seem to thank you enough for your belief in me and for the time you have given me this year, to pursue my dream.  Thank you again.

There have been so many people who have influenced me over my life, and so taught me about influence.  I can only single out a few, very special influences: Emma Francis, Simon Danciger, Dr John Shepherd, Professor Henry Hall, Rob Francis, Chris Sullivan, Gilbert Toppin, Rex Mackrill, Brian Green, Judith Wilks, John Everett, Sir John Whitmore, Julian Badcock,  I wish I were still in touch with all of you.

I would like to thank my editor, Samantha Jackson.

Finally, most of all, I would like to thank my parents for all the opportunities and support they gave me.  I am just sorry this book did not come two years earlier, when they could both have enjoyed it.