The Psychology of Influence

The Psychology of Influence

I will be speaking at the Winchester Cafe Scientifique on Monday 4 July 7 for 7:30pm on:

The Psychology of Influence

How to get more of what you want, change minds and see promises kept


  • What difference can one word make, when you are in a hurry?
  • Why does doing you a small favour make me more likely to do you a big one later?
  • How can one question make me more likely to keep my promise?  Why was my mum right to put a premium on my title “Dr”?
  • When will we stop and help a stranger and when will we walk on past?

All of these questions and more have been explored with fascinating psychology experiments over the past fifty years, which have taught us ever more about how persuasion and influence work.  In an entertaining an thought-provoking talk, I will describe some of them.

Where and when?

The talk will be around 20 minutes with plenty of time for a lively Q&A session.  The events are well attended and the coffee, tea and pastries are fabulous.  I hope you can join me at The Bridge Patisserie, 20 Bridge Street, Winchester.  Tables start filling at around 7pm and it is usually standing room only by 7:30.

And here is the bonus…  It is free to attend the cafe, with just a voluntary donation to meet the organiser’s costs.


About Mike Clayton

Mike is an author and speaker, specialising in personal effectiveness, project management and the management of change. When we try to make change work for us, things don't always go as planned: Shift happens! Over the years, Mike has developed personal and professional strategies to anticipate and deal with shift. You can contact Mike at
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