Dr Mike Clayton is a business speaker and author, who specialises in influencing and decision-making, particularly in the context of organisational change and project management.

Author, Mike Clayton, enjoys Brilliant Influence

“I have enjoyed working with [Mike] over the years – you seemed one of the people who could make decisions and get things done.”
Senior Manager, Deloitte.

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Brilliant Influence is Mike’s third book

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Mike’s Experience

Mike Clayton started working life in the academic world and has since been a consultant and project manager, a trainer and executive coach, and a facilitator and speaker.  Throughout this time, he has observed some of the most influential people and how they are able to influence the people around them.  Over the last twenty years, he has studied the science of influence and honed his skills, while starting two successful businesses and becoming a respected public speaker and author.  Over the last ten years, Mike has trained and spoken extensively on the subject of influence and persuasion, helping people to articulate their message persuasively and put it across in a compelling and powerful way.

Mike’s experience spans 12 years as a management consultant and ten as a professional speaker and trainer.  During that time, he has worked with a wide range of companies, including global businesses like General Motors and Vodafone, major UK companies like BAA and Prudential, Government Departments, universities, local authorities and charities.

Mike has a science PhD from the University of Manchester and is an NLP Master Practitioner.  As a volunteer, he has been a Chair of Governors and a trustee of two charities.

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