Influence and The Apprentice’s Jim Eastwood

The Apprentice on, I posted a blog on my main website, describing how Jim Eastwood, candidate in this years UK series of The Apprentice, is able to influence colleagues, buyers, sellers and the public.



Jim’s techniques can be summed up in seven points:

  1. Build rapport.  Take an interest in the person you are talking with,
    show you like them, and listen to their point of view.  Use charm and
    flattery to enhance people’s liking for you.
  2. Be clear what you want, and politely ask for it.  Negotiators should
    always ask for a final concession.
  3. Be confident and stand your ground.  Keep your emotional register
    pretty flat.  This way, you come across as credible and authoritative.
  4. Give the impression that you know something others don’t
    – to intimidate them from taking risks. “Don’t you think that…”
  5. Give a single clear reason in support of your argument.
  6. Do people favours by supporting them and by conceding minor points,
    so they owe you a favour in return. This works in negotiations and on
    a team level.  Call in those favours soon after.
  7. Harness your supporters to create an alliance against anyone who
    disagrees – then isolate them.

For the full article, take a look here, or click on the image.
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Mike is an author and speaker, specialising in personal effectiveness, project management and the management of change. When we try to make change work for us, things don't always go as planned: Shift happens! Over the years, Mike has developed personal and professional strategies to anticipate and deal with shift. You can contact Mike at
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