Sophia’s guide to Persuasion

Sophia (σοφία): goddess of wisdom, mistress of influence

Sophia indicates a simple seven step process for persuasion.

  1. State clearly and unambiguously what you want
  2. If you meet any resistance, deny the resistance and
    re-state your requirement, exactly as before
  3. If necessary, reiterate your point by responding to
    any resistance with a vehement “no!”
    Feel free to escalate to a duplex-no: “no! No!”
  4. Now preface your request with “I need…”
  5. If this is still not working, add the word “now!” to
    the end of your demand
  6. Supplement the “now!” with a simultaneous stamp
    of your foot, for emphasis
  7. If you need to enhance your technique, now is a
    good time to start crying.


Sophia is my 2½ year-old

Sophia, mistress of influence, queen of persuasion

  1. “I want blueberries”
  2. “No, I want blueberries”
  3. “No!”
  4. “I need blueberries”
  5. “I need blueberries now!”
  6. “I need blueberries now!
  7. “whhhaaaa…

Happy April First



About Mike Clayton

Mike is an author and speaker, specialising in personal effectiveness, project management and the management of change. When we try to make change work for us, things don't always go as planned: Shift happens! Over the years, Mike has developed personal and professional strategies to anticipate and deal with shift. You can contact Mike at
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