BLUF your way to Success

Here’s a quick tip for anyone who wants to influence a meeting.

Rather than make your point as if you were telling a story; rather than developing your evidence slowly; rather than creating a compelling argument before revealing your idea, proposal or recommendation: try BLUF.

The first approach may work; but it equally runs the risk that some of your audience will turn off.  If I can’t see the relevance, I’ll stop listening.

And don’t forget the “primacy principle” which makes the first thing you hear more memorable.  Do you want them to remember the observation that started your train of thought?  Or do you want them to remember your idea?

That’s why BLUF works.  BLUF is an acronym, popular in the US military and in medical assessments.






About Mike Clayton

Mike is an author and speaker, specialising in personal effectiveness, project management and the management of change. When we try to make change work for us, things don't always go as planned: Shift happens! Over the years, Mike has developed personal and professional strategies to anticipate and deal with shift. You can contact Mike at
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